Morning sessions  $6 per session - no bookings required just show up!

  • Tuesday 5:30am - Jezzine Barracks - Intermediate to Advanced Group
  • Thursday 5:30am - Riverway Complex - Intermediate to Advanced Group
  • Weekend long run sessions are at various locations. Rock pool/Riverway Complex/James Cook University. Start times and days can vary but usually 5.30am on Sundays. This session is free.

    Individual Programs

    Contact us to talk about a personal running program

    Intermediate to Advanced
    The intermediate group is the next step up after your have been through beginners. It offers and includes more advanced training, longer training runs with the aim to participate in longer events such as 10k to ½ marathons. To assist with these aims, personal training programs are customized to each individuals needs.

    • Training
    • Repeats
    • Interval Training
    • Fartlek
    • Speedwork
    • Hills & Strength Work
    • Tempo Runs