Peter Neimanis - Running Coach

Peter has been running for over thirty years and competed in events from 800m through to the 42k Marathon. Whilst living in Brisbane Peter was a member of the Thompson Estate Running Club where he ran track, cross country and road runs. Peter ran his first marathon at the Gold Coast in 1982.

Moving to Townsville in 1992 Peter became involved with the Townsville Road Runners. He started coaching in 2002 and holds a level 2 ACEGS (Advanced Coach Event Group Specific) accreditation in middle and long distance running. Peter is still an active runner and takes three sessions per week from intermediate to advanced levels plus his own personal training.

"Staying fit and healthy is a great way to live life, I believe running is the sport where we can achieve this. We must get active. Running is a feel good and life time sport.  My aim is to get people involved with running to get fit, lead healthy lifestyles and to achieve their goals and dreams. Most of all, to enjoy life as a runner."  - Peter Neimanis